Get Affordable Health Insurance While Unemployed

Get Affordable Health Insurance While Unemployed

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Affordable health insurance for the unemployed may feel impossible to find but as long as you know where to look and have determination it is within your reach. Actually, self-employed individuals and individuals who are employed but aren’t offered employer-sponsored group health insurance can benefit from the much of the same advice.

The first step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to find out if you’re eligible for COBRA. The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) made it possible for individuals who are terminated, laid off or transferring jobs to temporarily continue to receive group health insurance benefits. So, if you’we just recently become unemployed for any of those reasons, referred to as “qualifying events, a contact your former employer for more information about your COBRA benefits.

The second step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to check into purchasing short-term health insurance. Short-term health insurance policies are designed with the unemployed person in mind, so rates are most likely within your budget. They can last anywhere from six to 12 months, so they’re perfect for individuals who are actively seeking employment or another form of affordable health insurance.

The third step to finding affordable health insurance for the unemployed is to contact your state’s department of insurance and request information about subsidiaries for which you’re eligibles. Most states provide some form of free or low-cost health coverage for residents who meet certain income … Read more

Dried Flower Wreaths Keep Nature’s Beauty Alive

Dried Flower Wreaths Keep Nature’s Beauty Alive

There are few things more beautiful than a flower. Floral decoration is a mainstay because of this unrivaled natural beauty. Drying and preservation techniques allow one to decorate their home with true flowers instead of sometimes-inferior silk and artificial alternatives. Dried flower wreaths provide a spectacular way to keep nature’s beauty alive for several years.

Often, wreath makers rely on artificial leaves and flowers for adornments. After all, plant life tends to wither, along with its beauty, when left to its own devices. However, flowers can be carefully dried or otherwise preserved in ways that allow their use in spectacular decorative wreaths.

Some flowers can be dried on the plant. Generally this requires a period of hanging in a relatively dark, dry space. The end result is often delicate (petals can break away easily, for instance), but the beauty of the flower is preserved.

Other flowers respond better to being dried in a silica compound. Silica, which is something akin to completely dry sand, can draw out the moisture in a flower while leaving it completely intact and in retention of its natural beauty.

Inserting the stems into a glycerin solution dries other flowers. The flower absorbs the glycerin, resulting in a completely preserved, yet pliable decorative item.

Dried flowers are then used to make some of the most stunning wreaths imaginable. By using real flowers, a wreath maker can produce a wreath that not only mimics nature’s beauty. Instead, the final … Read more